The Best Drinks

Come in Copper

Enjoy premium authentic copper mugs handcrafted traditionally

All of our copper mule mugs are made from 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. Our copper cups are ideal for the moscow mule (also known as the “mule drink”) and a variety of other beverages, including beer, iced coffee, iced tea, juice, and any kind of cocktail. In order to protect your health, the interior of all of our copper cups are lined with high-grade stainless steel – see our FAQ to learn why this is important!

Beautifully Handmade

Our moscow mule cups are handcrafted with care using traditional methods and are painstakingly hammered by hand to create a gorgeous aesthetic. Our handles are also welded rather than riveted which ensures that your mug will be water-tight and leak free. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our mugs are of exceptional quality.

Make Your Kitchen Shine

Our copper mule mugs are unique in that they help lock in a drink’s coolness and transmit an icy cold experience directly to your lips. Our mugs are not only highly functional, but are beautiful and will stand out in your kitchen or bar. Our mugs also have numerous uses which make them perfect for those who love to entertain.